Recently Published: "Real Estate Investment as an Asset Protection Strategy for the Wealthy."

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It is now harder than ever or the wealthy to "protect" rather than "build" their assets. One of the reasons for this is the heavy tax burden. For example, if one's annual income exceeds 40 million yen, the total rate for income tax and inhabitant tax reaches 55%. In addition, the government has clearly begun to steer toward increased taxation of the more fortunate. The 2022 Tax Reform Proposal aims to expand the scope of individuals required to submit an Assets and Liabilities Reporting form, as well as integrate inheritance tax and gift tax, foreshadowing exhaustive scrutiny of individual assets and aggressive tax collection. In addition, global inflation is on a rapid rise, with Japan seeing consequences in rising prices. In the future, simply holding cash could be a risk, as it quickly diminishes in value. This is why wealthy individuals should not leave their assets in cash but rather protect them in other forms.
The best asset defense technique for high-net-worth individuals, then, is real estate investment. Real estate, also known as "physical assets," is generally considered to be less susceptible to economic downturns and more resistant to inflation, and thus have the advantage of steadily protecting and increasing assets in a stable manner over the long term.
This book provides easy-to-understand explanations of asset defense strategies such as how to set an appropriate budget, how to select properties, how to deal with real estate agents, and other tax saving tips. This book is a roadmap for any readers who want to protect their valuable assets.